Bram Ladage

Bram Ladage Binnenwegplein reopens after major renovation

After a renovation of almost a year, the striking building of Bram Ladage on the Binnenwegplein is set to reopen in September. The outlet is back in the hands of Abram Ladage, the founder of Bram Ladage. The most famous supplier of chips (or patat as they say in Rotterdam) in the city.

Abram Ladage: “I have thought a long time about the future of this location. There were several ideas. Such as an entirely new formula with fish & chips or chips & super ice cream. In the end, I opted to run a traditional chip shop again. This also has to do with the fact that the municipality of Rotterdam and the inhabitants of the city would like to keep the establishment the same as before. There will be some adjustments to create more shelter for the employees and customers. But the shape will not change much and that means that the familiar can of Pepsi and the recognizable counter on top will return.”

Wesley Ladage on behalf of Ladage Beheer: “After the partnership with the previous operator ended, the decision about the future lay with Abram and not us. Fortunately, Abram has chosen to continue as a snackbar. As far as we are concerned, the name Bram Ladage will be on the façade again. This location is obviously of special value to us as a formula.”

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