Boutique Fantastique Pierre and Aji Iris van den Broek

Boutique Fantastique puts the MAHO area on the map

The MAHO Quarter, especially known for the shops and restaurants on the Pannekoekstraat and the Botersloot, will be the stage for a brand new street festival. The first edition of Boutique Fantastique takes place on April 16.

Although lovers of fashion, food, and shopping should know this historic part of the center already, the local entrepreneurs aim to emphasize the unique attractiveness of the area. The festival puts the little neighborhood on the map as the boutique fashion district of Rotterdam and its surroundings.

The MAHO Quarter is often compared to popular places like SoHo in New York and Le Marais in Paris. It’s characterized by regarded shops like Very Cherry, De Kleine Kapitein, Louen and The GoodPeople. Restaurants and eateries like Bokaal, Aji, Brasserie Pierre, Spaghetteria and Panzero offer versatile cuisines.

During Boutique Fantastique, the streets will flourish with street theatre, live music, and unique collaborations between entrepreneurs. From early morning to late evening it bursts in the MAHO Quarter. Free admission for young and old.


Photo: Iris van den Broek

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