Bianca Farla & The Showgirls of Magic

Bianca Farla & The Showgirls of Magic at Kerstcircus Ahoy

Just like Rotterdam Ahoy itself, Kerstcircus Ahoy celebrates its 50th edition this year. During this special edition, one of the highlights will be provided by the Rotterdam illusionist Bianca Farla & The Showgirls of Magic. The Christmas Circus takes place from 25 December to 2 January 2022.

The Christmas Circus Ahoy is a household name in Greater Rotterdam. For many visitors, the holidays are not complete without a visit to the circus. It’s a classic Christmas circus for young and old, where the artists are accompanied by a live orchestra. The female ringmaster and the always popular clown Don Christian are also regulars of Christmas Circus Ahoy.

Bianca Farla is honored to perform in her own city during this anniversary edition. Together with her Showgirls of Magic she presents a show full of illusions, beautiful choreographies, and other spectacles. All girls come from different facets of the entertainment industry. They have experience in musicals, dinner shows, and theme parks. After they joined forces they have created a unique magic concept. They are now internationally renowned, winning major awards such as the Shanghai Circus Award in 2019.

International top artists

Besides the Rotterdam-based Bianca Farla, many other international top artists will be performing this year. Emily and Menno van Dyke also live in Rotterdam. But the French ballerina and the award-winning juggler from Amsterdam met each other between the Eiffel Tower and Champs-ElysΓ©es. They now present a fusion of tango and juggling, presented with breathtaking precision to the music of Astor Piazzolla.

Chu Chuan-Ho was born in Taiwan. He became fascinated by the art of diabolo and started to practice at the mere age of 11 years old. In 2010 he made his first appearance in Europe. His act is phenomenal, thanks in part to his adventurous technique and boundless speed.

Mustafa Danguir (also known for his artistic name Mustafa Danger) was born in Morocco. He performs the world-famous seven-man-pyramid act and also offers a Wheel of Death.

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