Amy Egbers is the first Artist in Residence at DoelenEnsemble Merlijn Doomernik

Amy Egbers is the first Artist in Residence at DoelenEnsemble

The Dutch mezzo-soprano Amy Egbers has committed herself for a year to the Rotterdam DoelenEnsemble. She is the first participant in the new Artist in Residence programme. Amy can be heard in the next concert of the DoelenEnsemble on Thursday 23 December at 16:00 in the HBS Rotterdam. 

Together with oboist Maria Nikolić and Amy Egbers, DoelenEnsemble will present music by Marek Raczynski, Nubim Soyoung Kim, Michael Berkeley, Vladimir Trmčić Johannes Brahms and many more.

“I feel very honoured that I can call myself Artist In Residence of the DoelenEnsemble for the year 2022! For me, the DoelenEnsemble is a company that, based on musicality, searches for connections and surprises. For me, the power of art lies in vulnerability. To let people see, hear or feel just that little bit that they might pass by in everyday life. Or the moments when art can make you look again at a situation or person. The DoelenEnsemble has proven itself to be a company that dares to make exciting choices and to touch this vulnerability.”

She continues: ”It is therefore with enormous pride and enthusiasm that I look forward to the coming year.  When we will be working together and creating a lot of beautiful music that will allow people to touch that piece of vulnerability again.”

Amy Egbers is a Dutch mezzo-soprano with a broad love for music and theatre, having performed on several stages in Europe since the age of 15. After her introduction to the Dutch public with the television programme ARIA, it is time for her to go on.

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