Villa Thalia is back with concerts, dinnershows and club nights

Villa Thalia is one of the more famous event centers in the city. The lockdown was the perfect moment to renovate and expand the creative and organizational team and set up a spectacular program. From September Villa Thalia will offer new extensive programming with special acts, concerts, and club nights.

The hall and the concert hall were given a fresh upgrade to make more space for even more events. For the new line-up, the team collaborates with interesting and different creative parties from the city, such as Now & Wow and AAA Fresh. As a result, Villa Thalia will offer a new wide range for a broad target group and is reflected in how the team sees and embraces the city: colorful, diverse, multicultural, raw, honest and creative.

Dinner shows At Villa Thalia

The weekend starts every Friday with a spectacular dinner show with different concepts. Dinnershow Festival is fully inspired by various festivals from the past 100 years and pays tribute to the most special moments in history. The freedom and magical feel of Woodstock, the explosion of talent and diversity at Coachella, the expression of Carnival, the pride for Dutch festivals and of course the spectacular Tomorrowland. The unique history of Villa Thalia, which was originally a cinema founded by Abraham Tuschinsky, is also beautifully incorporated into the theme

A second dinnershow is devoted to a specific artist and/or band or to a characteristic theme. From surprising Drag Queen Dinner shows to special Hindustani, Turkish and Cape Verdean Dinner Shows. There is also the Dinner Show Classic/Modern. Off course there will be culinary food with fine wines which will be combined with classical dance and music. After the Dinner Show, every friday there is there is a club night with varying themes, genres and a line-up of renowned dj’s.

Saturdays are dominated by live concerts by (international) artists with a club night afterward. Every Saturday there will be eclectic programming of pop and mainstream.

Tino Martin is scheduled to perform September 4th 2021
Tino Martin is scheduled to perform on September 4th 2021

The Sunday program at Villa Thalia is dedicated to the city. The club wants to offer the creative sector of Rotterdam a stage. You can expect dance, music, (experimental) theater to comedy. Villa Thalia really wants to bring designers, choreographers, musicians, dancers, drag queens and comedians into the spotlight.


Coverphoto: MIES MEDIA

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