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Verborgen Tuinen presents the most beautiful gardens of Rotterdam

Some 60 owners of hidden gardens on the northern bank of the Maas will be opening their gardens to the public. Verborgen Tuinen (Hidden Gardens) is a unique annual event to discover the surprisingly green side of Rotterdam.

On June 11 and 12 those interested can go on a voyage through the unknown world of hidden paradises. There are many gardens to choose from. From small to large, from classical to modern and from design to romantic. Gardens with a rich history, but also young gardens that are still in full development. The green event is about gardens hidden behind fences and hedges that are normally not accessible to the public. All ideal sources of inspiration for green lovers.

The annual weekend shows how residents, on their own initiative and with their own means, contribute to a green and ecologically balanced city. A city that makes room for indigenous flora and fauna. This makes Verborgen Tuinen in fact an annual manifesto against the ‘petrification’ of front and back gardens.

All gardens are conveniently arranged on a city map. But you can also choose the gardens you want to visit by looking at the website. In various gardens, there are special activities during Verborgen Tuinen. The price of admission (including the map of all the gardens) for the whole weekend is 7 euros per person. It’s free for people up to 12 years old.

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