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Toko Botanica opens at Grote Visserijstraat

The owner of Toko Botanica was working in healthcare, but she also cares a lot for plants. Her hobby of advising others about maintaining greenry and selling plants online has now become a brick store at Grote Visserijstraat 24.

At the store one can find a big assortment of flora like special plants, plant cuttings, flowers and soil. But also flower pots and other accesoires.

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Toko Botanica sells soil, pots, plants and more.

There is a small selection of drinks like  coffee, tea and soda to enjoy in among all green. In the future there will be workshops and other green activities.

Toko Botanica has had it’s soft opening. But the official momenty is this weekend, Saturday October 29 from 10 AM tot 6 PM. Sunday October 30 from 1 PM to 6 PM.

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