This restaurant is called Contemporary Asian Cuisine ‘Three’ because three is a lucky number in Japan and in Chinese means ‘holiness’ and ‘loyalty’. At least that’s what it says on the menu, which is written completely in English. In this Ibiza-style restaurant with its round chairs covered in gold-coloured velvet you get to savour the best of Asian cuisine. For starters there’s sushi (try the tuna, mango and ginger option), sashimi and vegetarian tempura makis. You feel ‘lucky’ indeed eating anything coming from the robata grill, where wagyu beef, fish and vegetables are slow-cooked over charcoal embers (and luckier still having tasted the ‘lukewarm Japanese cucumber with avocado and blue cheese’).

Freericksplaats 24 a, Open: Tues-Sun 4.30pm – 1 pm, T. 010 418 9200

Photo: Bart Hoogveld


Robin Bravenboer

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