De Maaltuin moors at Maritime Museum Rotterdam

Maaltuin Maritiem Museum Rotterdam Museumhaven Theo de Man

During a pop-up dinner at De Maaltuin, you dine in castles, palaces, museums or botanical gardens and get to know the location in a unique way. There are already editions in Trompenburg and from June 17 the Maritime Museum is the new location in Rotterdam. The Maritime Museum has the oldest and largest museum harbor […]

De Maaltuin serves a unique experience at Trompenburg

De Maaltuin by dique fotografie

De Maaltuin is a traveling restaurant that has been opening at special locations such as castles, palaces, museums or botanical gardens since 2016. From 7 April, the spring edition will be held at Trompenburg in Kralingen, Rotterdam. De Maaltuin introduces visitors to special locations in a unique way. Through a delicious dinner with fresh products […]

Trompenburg gets ready for winter


Trompenburg is a beautifully designed botanic garden in the district of Kralingen. It boasts a large collection of trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and tubers. This December Trompenburg will host an atmospheric Christmas market and in the new year, a special pop-up restaurant experience is next.  Trompenburg is a real treasure trove for any plant lover and […]