Rauw presents raw jazz by Jameszoo’s Blind Group and Gita Buhari

Gita Buhari at Rauw by Yaqine Hamzaoui

Since 2001, Festival Jazz International Rotterdam has been a successful jazz festival in Rotterdam with current and high-quality jazz. But the festival is now called: RAUW. Further cementing the ambitions of offering raw adventurous music that explores the fringes of jazz. RAUW stands for adventurous music that explores the fringes of jazz. The festival presents […]

The Sound of New Orleans

Tank and the Bangas All the way from New Orleans… Tank and the Bangas! Powered by Tarriona ‘Tank’ Ball – already a prize-winning spoken word performer before setting up the band –Tank and the Bangas give a unique twist to the sound of New Orleans. An energetic mix of R&B, rock, gospel, hiphop and spoken […]

Ecclectic Festival Village

REC. Festival The area around Annabel and Biergarten will be turned into a festival village with concerts showcasing various musical genres, including disco, soul, afrobeat, hip-hop, indie and future R&B. The festival is the place to discover new sounds, as it attracts up-and-coming stars, alongside legendary acts. Keep an eye on the website for the […]