The Markthal is home to the 50th De Beren restaurant

De Beren restaurant in Markthal

Iconic Feyenoord-payer and trainer John de Wolf opened the newest De Beren at the Markthal. It’s the fourth restaurant in Rotterdam. De Beren originated at the Nooordsingel and already operates restaurants at Schouwburgplein, Cor Kieboomplein and Poolsterplein. The restaurant is the 50th in the Netherlands. Founder Ad Schaap says about this historic moment: “Rotterdam is […]

De Beren opens third restaurant in Alexandrium Shopping Center

De Beren opens in Alexandrium

De Beren has grown into a highly professional company with ambitions that even transcend national borders. “But expanding, especially in our own city, is still very special,” says Ad Schaap on the occasion of opening the 46th restaurant at Alexandrium Shopping Centre Rotterdam. De Beren is not deterred by the global pandemic. It has opened […]

De Beren gets a rebranding

De Beren Thijs Huizer

De Beren started in 1984 with the opening of a restaurant on the Noordsingel in Rotterdam. Since then, the concept has grown into a  formula with over 75 restaurants and its own delivery service. It now has a new house style to acknowledge that growth. The rebranding was unveiled in a great way during the […]