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We heart street art

It is no secret that Inside Rotterdam is a big fan of street art, and the number of mural paintings in Rotterdam just keeps growing. So together with art collective Rewriters010, we’ve singled out some of the city’s best – and tell you where to find them.

Big fish

Let us introduce you to Zeus Faber (sometimes called John Dory). This geometric fish is made by Amok Island. Painting these bricks was quite challenging for the artist, but he persevered. If Amok Island hadn’t become an artist, he would have been a biologist; something you will understand when you see the rest of his work. This painting is part of Sober Walls, a project that allows international artists to create murals in Rotterdam.

Find it at: Erasmusstraat, Rotterdam North.


Who remembers jazz club Memphisto? It opened in 1934 and changed its name in the 1980s to Club Thelonious. Though the club has been closed for a while now, its history has been celebrated in a huge mural painting of two happy, swinging jazz dancers. Whoever walks past this painting can’t help but smile. The artwork is made by two artists from Rotterdam, Joren Joshua and Ilse Weistfelt.

Find it at: Boomgaardhof, Rotterdam Centre

Optical illusion

What’s wrong with this wall? Well, nothing actually. It is not sticking out, but just a colourful optical illusion mural created by Mr. June. That the inhabitants of Rotterdam appreciate this kind of street art is obvious; the residents of this building chose to have this design on their wall. You ask, Mr. June delivers.

Find it at: Pijperstraat, Rotterdam North.

Important message

Don’t Say Nothing. That is the name of the artwork on a wall at the Eendrachtsstraat. Artist duo Telmo Miel (Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann), want to deliver an important message. The mural of a child with a box on its head represents today’s society and this generation of children. “They are dependent on electronic devices and social media; they aren’t looking for human interaction,” the artists say. Well, this child will never think out of the box again.

Find it at: Eendrachtsstraat, Rotterdam Centre.

Size enormous

The colourful graffiti on the former Sparta-stadion, Schuttersveld, was already eye catching, but new is an enormous giant humpback whale made by Tymon (MeLikePainting). Who would ever expect to see this giant on Dutch soil? The whale has some really colourful company. The concrete wall is a so-called legal wall. That means everyone is allowed to paint new art pieces on it. It will look different every time you walk by.

Find it at: Schuttersveld, Rotterdam Crooswijk


Even the Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, climbed for a little bit when the artwork Make It Happen was revealed. Not only will the painted people help each to other to grow and get to the top of the world, you can be part of it as well. Just climb on the brackets and you will perfectly fit in this artwork, which was made by Daan Botlek. This work was supported by the municipality and art producer Mothership.

Where: Schiedamse Vest, Rotterdam Centre

12 shades of grey

We can’t imagine the people from Rotterdam have not noticed this, but the artwork on the side wall of a school has been replaced. Before, there was a big mural of a two-headed woman with her hands in a praying position, but in 2014 it was time for a new painting, made by Onno Poiesz. He created a three-dimensional painting with 12 shades of grey. The idea behind this? A failed ceramic design: a crumpled sink.

Find it at: Heer Bokelweg, Rotterdam Centre

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