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So Good To Wear is changing the cashmere industry

So Good To Wear is a Rotterdam-based high-end fashion brand that recrafts cashmere. Their designs are produced with new and restored values, by bringing back true craftsmanship and transforming it into a more conscious and personal process.Β 

So Good To Wear is founded by experienced fair trade entrepreneurs Fons and Jacqui Burger. While travelling through Nepal they saw the visible economic and social damage as a result of a recent earthquake. During the trip, the entrepreneurs discovered something special. Unprocessed cashmere hung in trees, left behind by local goats shedding their winter fur.

The entrepreneurs decided to revive the cashmere production in Nepal and bring it back to its origins. They imported six Australian goats to cross with a local Nepalese strain. Ultimately, a completely new goat breed is created from this. A goat that can cope with the Nepalese climate and can produce top quality cashmere.

In a sustainable knitting factory in Nepal, talented local specialists make the high-quality cashmere into the unique designs. They use traditional weaving techniques from Nepal. An extremely precise and fine technique that Nepalese weavers have been using for decades.Β 

A design by So Good To Wear
A design by So Good To Wear

Crowdfunding So Good To Wear

With this new sustainable production chain, they prevent animal suffering, guarantee fair wages and share knowledge. The fashion brand is furthermore present on the catwalk in Paris and Tokyo. “That’s what So Good To Wear stands for. Nothing woolly, but nice and concrete. With this we show that we can be a high-end fashion brand, but without animal suffering and a fair and sustainable production chain,” says CEO Eric Otten.

To further change the cashmere industry they want to expand the goat breeding program. So Good To Wear also wants to build small-scale animal-friendly satellite farms to create even more employment opportunities.

The crowdfunding campaign at platform CrowdAboutNow is already on and the goal is already reached. But everybody who wants to support the case can still finance a loan until may 30.

In addition to a own webshop, there are sales points in Belgium, England, Spain, Italy, France and Japan. In Rotterdam there is a shop-in-shop at Margreeth Olsthoorn.


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