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Rotterdam startup Koala Hug makes the most sustainable bedding

When Sandie Chan was searching for the most sustainable bedding, her brother Robert pointed out Tencel. As her brother has worked in the textile sector for years he knows about this brand which uses fibers called lyocell. It’s made of pure sustainable wood, partly from eucalyptus wood. Convinced of the potential they created Koala Hug. To bring the product to market, they started a successful crowdfunding campaign. the target amount of 50.000 euros was reached within two weeks

The Rotterdam-based company now offers a full collection of duvets, duvet covers, fitted sheets and pillowcases on its webshop. Koala Hug hugs the trend of people making their homes more sustainable. Robert: “Contrary to what the name might imply, eucalyptus wood is extremely soft, comfortable and above all very
environmentally friendly. No pesticides and little water are needed for its production. In addition, it is completely biodegradable because the bedding consists of 100% natural materials.”

Koala Hug strives to make sleeping as pleasant as possible
Koala Hug strives to make sleeping as pleasant as possible

Koala Hug has many advantages

From a hygienic point of view, this natural material also offers the necessary advantages. It is air permeable and temperature regulating. For people who perspire excessively while sleeping, this eucalyptus wood bedding is also perfect. Sandie: “People who have an allergy to house dust mites also benefit from our bedding. It is antibacterial. Because of the smooth surface mites, bedbugs or bacteria cannot nest or attach themselves to the material. This material is ideal and offers many advantages. This makes sleeping extra enjoyable and a good night’s sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.”

The entrepreneurs of Koala Hug consciously choose to offer their bed linen only through their web store. Robert: “Because we have no costs for a physical store, we save on costs for accommodation, energy, and personnel. Moreover, we don’t do expensive TV commercials. This allows us to keep our prices low.”

Koala Hug has a special offer for Inside Rotterdam

Order at the webshop www.koalahug.eu and getΒ two pillowcases and a laundry bag worth 60 euros as a gift.

How does it work?
1. Place an order of at least €100 before August 6, 2022.
2. Choose two pillowcases – in a color of your choice – and add them to your shopping cart.
3. Enter the discount code INSIDEROTTERDAMXKOALAHUG and the price of the pillowcases will change to free.

Styling: Bregje Nix / Photography: Alexander van Berge


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