Marloes de Vries at Roodkapje

Roodkapje presents a redesigned cultural space

Roodkapje is a local laboratory for art, music, food, and everything in between in an old anti-squat building at Delftseplein. Following the appointment of Marloes de Vries as the new director of Roodkapje on August 1st and a transforming refurbishment of the building, Roodkapjeย reopens its doors to her audience on April 8 and 9.

During this extravagant reopening, visitors can get to know the new Roodkapje through the vision of De Vries. She previously earned her stripes as a Curator at Mama and as an editor of VPRO Dorst. She’s making exciting programs with young, international makers.

Two parts of Roodkapje Resurrected

On Friday, April 8th visitors are able to meet the new artists and live-event programmers from the Hamburger Community residency program at the opening of the group exhibition Smudged Soil. During the opening, visitors can enjoy performances by Avalon Passion and Simon Keizer. There are also music performances by Mavi Veloso, DJ Bebe and DJ Derozan.

Onย Saturday, April 9th, the public of Roodkapje can discover the redesigned concert space of Roodkapje in full effect duringย Roodkapje Resurrected pt. 2: a hyper-diverse evening and night with live music by Vulva and Charlie and the Lesbians, Regular Trash and DJ sets by DJ Shahmaran and DYKEHAUS, residents of the beloved Klauw Collective. Roodkapje Resurrected promises to set the tone for the program under the direction of Marloes de Vries.

Not only did the exhibition- and concert spaces from Roodkapje get a thorough makeover, but also the entrance and Burgertrut restaurant were taken care of and joined by the construction crew through a collective process of redesign led by architecture collective FOEF. Using almost exclusively recycled materials. Roodkapje still is the place to discover art, music, food and the merging of disciplines. Expect a cultural playground for all ages. It allows climbing on blocks and peeking into different spaces. The borders between music, art, food, performers, and audiences have disappeared.

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