Rijnhavenpark by Michael van Valkenburgh Associates (MVVA)

Michael van Valkenburgh designs Rijnhavenpark

In the coming years, the harbor basin between the Wilhelminapier and Katendrecht will transform into a park with a beach. The Rijnhavenpark will be a versatile and inviting spot in the middle of Rotterdam city center, designed by renowned New York landscape architecture firm Michael van Valkenburgh Associates.

Alderman Kurvers (Building and Housing) explains: “Once, Rijnhaven was an important, lively port. Now there’s not much left of that. The arrival of Rijnhavenpark will make it a great place for all Rotterdammers to enjoy greenery and water. The park will offer a beautiful view of the water and the skyline and a unique city beach. Each part of the future park will allow for different activities to take place. Whether you want to read a book or play football. Maybe have a picnic and attend a concert afterward. Or just stare at a sunset.”

According to MVVA, a park should be friendly and inviting, and an alternation between ‘cultural’ and ‘natural’ landscapes is important. Cultural park atmospheres are squares, esplanades, and elements such as lawns that provide space activities.

Natural’ landscapes give more of a feeling of being in nature with lots of plants, trees and shrubs, winding paths and height differences. A careful planting scheme that will ensure that the park is green all year round will give Rijnhavenpark its unique character. Rijnhavenpark is designed to cope with a large influx of visitors. It’s also a quiet and peaceful experience.

New life for Rijnhaven

“The construction of around 2,500 houses will create space for starters, families and senior citizens. They will be able to make full use of the recreational facilities right on their doorstep. There will be social housing as well as housing for sale and rent in the middle and higher segments,” says Alderman Kurvers.

The park is intended for all Rotterdammers who want to enjoy greenery and water in the city centre. Eight hectares of land in the Rijnhaven will be reclaimed for the buildings and the park. Floating parks linked to the northern (Wilhelminapier) and southern (Katendrecht) quay walls will complement a new 6.5 hectare park on the filled-in land on the eastern side (Posthumalaan side).

Footpaths connect all parts. Allowing you to tour around over the water in various ways. Two new squares next to the metro stations welcome visitors. Luxorplein in the northeast and Metro Plaza in the southeast.

Rijnhaven Park is part of the Rijnhaven area development. This development will result in an inclusive urban expansion, a spectacular skyline and a new park. The entire project will be the final piece to the Kop van Zuid area. Rijnhavenpark is one of the seven major urban projects which will green the public space in the city.

Cover: MVVA


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