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POING now also provides space for the club scene

POING started as a vintage arcade hall right before the pandemic in a location formerly known as BAR. But as soon as the restrictions were lifted there were club nights in the basement. Now POING offers forward-thinking programming and provides a safer playground for several communities.

POING must develop into a multidisciplinary nightlife institution and a community-driven breeding ground for self-expression, upcoming talent, and collaboration.

A new generation has stepped up during covid and was seeking a place to meet and express themselves. These past months POING has been working on providing a space that caters to this new generation. 

POING clubbing experience

With the new season of POING presents a new concept, visual identity and local talents. Visitors may expect Lolo, Oceanic, Animistic Beliefs, Fafi Abdel Nour, DYKEHAUS, Lazergazer, Valentino Mora, A Strange Wedding, Mad Miran, Parrish Smith and Slimfit.

There will be ongoing collaborations with Fever Dream, Alternative Planet, FOMO, Klankvorm, Nous’Klaer, Pinkman Records, Operator Radio & Kiosk Radio, Refuge Worldwide and MONO.

As a talent development program, five local artists get a residency. These are Cyberfairy777, Sukubratz, Faustin, Kessler & Slimfit. These residents will have a chance to curate their club nights where they will be the star of the night, do radio shows, attend community events, shoots and more.

Having a team across both – the arcade and the club that predominantly consists of artists, co-creation of our multifunctioning space together with our staff and other local artists plays a major role. We strive to involve all of the organization in experimentation with visual arts, ever-changing installations, performance art and more. 

The new season is kicked-off with an opening weekend on the 16 & 17th of September. On the 16th, Faustin, Fafi Abdel Nour, Bella Hall & Soft Break, Parish Smith, and Mad Miran play. On the 17th of September: ARAKAZA, Animistic Beliefs, CyberFairy777 are Sukubratz go POING.


Photo: Gijs Westerduin

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