Poetry International Festival hits Rotterdam again!

Poetry on the streets! For over five decades, the Poetry International Festival has been the place to discover live new poets and poetry from all over the world.

For the 51st festival edition, Poetry International is moving to the Kop van Zuid to offer poets and audiences in Theater LantarenVenster, Kantine Walhalla and Verhalenhuis (‘Story House’) Belvédère a tailor-made stage. While poetry resounds inside, exciting outdoor tours take adventurers over the high roofs of the city deep into the fabric of the Katendrecht district, complete with poetic vistas and surprising encounters. Poems and music will buzz on the terraces between LantarenVenster and Walhalla. Tickets for the festival are available online.

When: 10-13 June
Where: Kop van Zuid/Katendrecht


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