Nocto launches a unique app that helps hospitality

Nocto officially launches a unique hospitality app in Rotterdam on May 7 at the Maaskantine. The platform helps users find bars, restaurants and events and enables venues to offer hospitality experiences. Nocto believes in the power of communities, connecting through social media and being ready for each other.

Nocto is a Rotterdam-based company that has designed a social media platform created to connect consumers, restaurants, events and brands. With Nocto, consumers can find the best places and experiences, rate them and share their experiences in real life. To introduce the app, Nocto organizes a launch party at De Maaskantine.

On the social media app, consumers share photos and videos from venues and events. This content is visible within ten kilometers to both their followers and users in the neighborhood. For the first time, consumers get a reward for posting. They get a digital token, called a Noc. Nocs can be spent on deals from catering outlets.

Hollywood Event Center is one of the locations that accepts Nocs. At Bokaal users get a 25% discount on a Ketel 1 Hard Lemonade pitcher for 3 Nocs. At Bierboutique they serve bitterballen for 3 Nocs. This way the company creates a win-win situation. On Nocto’s business platform, hospitality companies and brands use the app to attract people and build relationships with their guests.

Nocto shares the best experiences

The start-up was founded in 2017 by David FranzΓ©n and Mark Brouwers when they realized that existing social media platforms could not provide up-to-date insights for consumers to make informed decisions about where they want to spend their time. “We want to inspire people to make memories for life,” says Mark Brouwers.

They noticed that hospitality companies weren’t reaching their target groups. Nocto aims to create a seamless and fast way for users to identify the best venues, parties, and events while maximizing revenue for its clients. “After two years of corona measures, people are ready to go out and experience life again. The Nocto team looks forward to helping its users find the best experiences, day or night,” said David FranzΓ©n.

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