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Moedhart presents indigenous Northwest Coast art from Canada

Moedhart presents a great collection of indigenous Northwest Coast art from Canada, comprised of paintings, carvings, masks, and more! From October 1 till the end of December there will be a pop-up gallery in the Westelijk Handelsterrein.

Edward Tchai has been in design and interior consultancy for more than two decades, but what really captivated him is the indigenous art of the ancient tribes on the Northwest coast of Canada. He traveled there many times and he is inspired by the ubiquitous art. Tchai: ”The art is so woven in the texture of society, that it appears quite literally everywhere. From bridges, to houses, to dumpsters… you name it. There’s bound to be a surprising object around the next corner. You will notice the art is heavily inspired by nature. And let me tell you. There’s nothing quite so humbling like Canada’s nature.”

Edward Tchai initiated Moedhart
Edward Tchai founded Moedhart

During the visits he got to know many artists and took it upon himself to show the world their creations like paintings, carvings, masks and more. He, therefore, created Moedhart.

Feel the energy of this ancient culture

The foundation of Moedhart lies in choosing from the heart. ”A seemingly simple philosophy, yet a practice many of us find ourselves far removed from. In an age when intuition is commonly overruled by rational thinking, we believe it takes both courage and a sensory reawakening to connect with ourselves on the deepest of levels. To go with our gut.”

The indigenous art of Canada’s Northwest Coast is a portal to a world guided by inner wisdom, rich in symbolism that has inspired humankind throughout.

From October 1 til the end of December the Pop up gallery will be a space where Native art is central. Visitors are encouraged to discover artwork both from the perspective of its creator and in the realm of a personal experience.  

The collection features work by Robert Davidson, Roy Henry Vickers, Steve Smith and Cole Speck. All artists live along the coast and are descendants of tribes such as the Haida, Tlingit and Kwakiutl.

Tchai: ”It is a profound experience to feel the energy this ancient culture.”



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