Mediamarkt Tech Village Rotterdam

MediaMarkt becomes Tech Village Rotterdam

This autumn MediaMarkt at the Binnenwegplein will be completely revamped into Tech Village Rotterdam. The focus of the completely renovated shop will be on the latest technology and the experience of it. After Milan Rotterdam is the second European city where MediaMarkt is launching this concept.

For MediaMarkt, the physical shop is and will remain an important part of its omnichannel strategy. In Europe, the company is rolling out four new store formats, each with a different focus. MediaMarkt Tech Village Rotterdam will primarily be a meeting place for technology lovers: fans of the latest gadgets, ranging from smartphones to drones. The revamped branch will provide inspiration, showcase the latest trends in technology, and allows customers to actively experience new technology. All this in an interior tailored to the experience of even the most tech-savvy customers. MediaMarkt only opens a few stores of this type, the first one being in Milan.

Unique in the Netherlands

Domingo Corchado, Chief Customer Officer at MediaMarkt: “MediaMarkt Tech Village Rotterdam will not be just another revamped shop, but a true technology mecca where the customer experience is central. This concept is unique in the Netherlands. Technology enthusiasts can spend hours wandering around the many top brands we offer, but can also see and experience for themselves what, for example, makes the latest smartphone is so special or what the difference is between two types of headphones. This is how gadgets and devices really come to life and we offer the best possible customer experience.”

The existing shop on Binnenwegplein is currently undergoing extensive renovation. The new façade and entrance will be fitted with striking LED lighting, enticing passers-by to enter the store. Inside a lot is changing as well. In addition to a bar, there will also be numerous boutiques where the products of renowned technology brands are displayed and where they can be tried and tested. Live demonstrations will be given in the boutiques every day, from a notebook to a cooking workshop. This is how you step into the world of the brand.

MediaMarkt 24/7

To collect ordered products, a machine will be installed outside the shop that is available 24/7. MediaMarkt Tech Village Rotterdam will also have a much greener character, thanks in part to striking green walls full of plants that create a warm and fresh atmosphere.
Repairs can be carried out in the shop, extending the life span of products.

Corchado: “It is not just a matter of renovating the shop, we are creating a completely new experience at this location. We are creating a completely new experience at this location. Technology enthusiasts will be able to ask all their questions and technology enthusiasts will be able to ask all their questions and find out what they want to know about the latest equipment. We also offer extensive expertise and inspiration to help you make the best choice possible. Everyone in the Netherlands will know that MediaMarkt Tech Village Rotterdam is the place to be for the latest technology!

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