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New, wild and re-imagined drinks are a hit with Rotterdammers. Their verdict? The stiffer, the better!

Stookolie 010
Pitch black and only suitable for those with a strong constitution, Stookolie 010 was originally produced by a group of artists and sold off the back of a truck in secret locations. Made from pure alcohol and, to give it its kick, black peppercorns, this fiery drink has come out from the shadows and back streets and is now drunk by locals and tourists alike. It can be drunk as a shot from the freezer and in a cocktail. Stookolie 010 is served at a number of places, including on the SS Rotterdam and at The Lisamarie bar, both located in Katendrecht.
€ 39.50 a bottle, stockist list at

Not your standard Greek ouzo, but a genuine Made-in-Rotterdam variety. Inspired by his father’s concoctions that included an elderflower wine, theatre-maker Stefan van Hees set out to create his own tipple using aniseed and 11 different dried herbs. The success of his home-brewed ouzo led him to search for a professional, certified distillery, settling on De Groene Fee. Nowadays, Van Hees produces a couple of other throat-soothing drinks under the brand name, Moonshine Rotterdam, namely Matroost bitter and Kaap met peren.
€24.95 for 500ml. For sale at Brandstore De Rotterdamsche Oude in the Markthal Rotterdam.

RAM cider
Many years ago, Rotterdammers consumed more cider than beer. Fruit markets and nearby apple orchards provided all that was needed for this city on the Maas to establish itself as the cider capital of the Netherlands. A group of friends, operating under the name Rotterdamse Appel Maatschappij (RAM), have given new life to this old thirst quencher with their 5.5%-proof apple cider. The 100% natural cider is made with Dutch apples that are hand-pressed before being brewed and bottled. You can taste this full-bodied, dry drink at the Fenix Food Factory. It’s nice with a Rotterdammertje from WildVleesch; a tasty sausage flavoured with a shot of RAM cider and dried on apple wood.
€3.20 per 330 ml, stockist list at

Baron Vermouth
Having marketed dozens of products for other people, the owners of Communicatiebureau Nieuw Creatief Peil decided they wanted to make something for themselves. And so De Baron was born – a red vermouth that pays homage to the harbour barons who made Rotterdam great. It is made with a white Grenache grape base and flavoured with blood orange, elderflower, thyme, rosemary and other Mediterranean herbs. This successor to the gin & tonic is served at a number of places around town, including Filmtheater KINO located at Gouvernestraat 129-133 and Rose Rouge on Benthuizerstraat in Rotterdam-North.
€28.50 per 500ml, stockist list at

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Mezcal Agave de Cortes – David Trampe edition
Mezcal is a Mexican drink but Rotterdam bartender David Trampe has created his own local version. A chance meeting with Mexican, Axix Cortes, and his family has resulted in a special edition intended for the connoisseur. Put this Rotterdam mezcal up against your average gin and it’s like comparing a puma in the wild with a cat on the couch. Its more famous sister, tequila, is made from commercially-grown blue agave plants. Mezcals are usually made using agave plants that have been harvested from the wild. You can find out just how wild by trying this tipple at Cocktail Bar and Restaurant Supermercado (Schiedamse Vest 91a), Café Verward (Hoogstraat 69a), or at Tante Nel’s snack bar (Pannekoekstraat 53).
Not for sale in liquor stores.

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Add some alcohol, give it a shake and in next to no time you’ve created your very own liqueur. This Rotterdam DIY-liqueur concept is available in a number of flavours, including redcurrant (Rode Konen), aniseed and fennel seed (Heilig Neutje), and a eucalyptus, thyme and peppermint mix that has been appropriately named ‘Ready for a kiss’ (Klaar voor een kus).
€12.50 per bottle (excluding alcohol) and available at a number of outlets, including Foodelicious and online at

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Rotterdams Havenwater
Not actually water from the Maas, as the name suggests, but a rum-based drink with vanilla, caramel, citrus fruit and spices. Available as a rum punch and a number of other variations.
€5.99 for 20cl at Gall&Gall Rotterdam and other bottle stores.

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