Frozen Time

Photo expo by Lars van den Brink

At first glance, you think you’re looking at a normal picture of a city streetscape. But look again at this and you’re left wondering: is it night or day? That’s exactly the reaction noted Dutch photographer Lars van den Brink is aiming for. He shows what the world looks like when you freeze the place and let time pass by. At his photo expo ‘Frozen Time’ at the Contour Gallery you’ll find yourself staring at true pieces of art. The photos in Frozen Time are literally frozen time-lapses, making them surreal yet documentary. Van den Brink took a series of pictures from a fixed place over the course of a few hours, from day to night. Afterwards he edited them into one image. The resulting photos seem to give light and draw you closer. You just keep looking, because every detail and every person tells their own story. Take the one of the Central Station with the Stationsplein and the Weena. So many people pass by, all doing their own thing, but connected by place, not by time. Besides, the exposition clearly shows once again the city is as beautiful by day as it is by night.

> Contour Gallery, Josephstraat 164 (West)

On until 2 December


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