Foodmaker has opened two restaurants in Rotterdam

Foodmaker, the healthy restaurant chain, and producer of ultra-fresh meals from Belgium, is further expanding its network of restaurants. Last February it opened a restaurant at Weena-Zuid and together with the Dutch partner Appèl a restaurant in Erasmus MC is now also open.

Foodmaker currently has ten restaurants in Belgium, two in France (Paris), and now three in the Netherlands. There is already a restaurant in The Hague. Recently Foodmaker announced a partnership with the Dutch caterer AppΓ¨l for the B2B market. This partnership should result in 30 new restaurants in the next two years. The two companies plan to convert five more locations into Foodmaker restaurants this year. The restaurant at Erasmus MC is the first collaboration. It’s the largest Foodmaker to date with a surface area of 500mΒ².

Foodmaker has been providing ultra-fresh and delicious meals since 2004. Using ingredients that come from self-owned organic fields as much as possible. They wash and cut the vegetables themselves, after which the chefs process them into deliciously healthy dishes. They produce in a sustainable way without flavour enhancers, mayonnaise or refined sugars and with respect for people, animals and the planet.

Founder and CEO Lieven Vanlommel says: “In Belgium and the Netherlands we will be opening a large number of restaurants in the next two years. The partnerships have been forged and the strategy has been mapped out. We are planning 20 to 30 new shops in Belgium and the Netherlands. In time, I also see new locations in France and Germany. Our mission is clear: we want to make healthy food accessible for everyone. We do this by expanding our restaurant network and through partnerships with the large supermarket chains where we sell our products and concepts.”

For several years, Foodmaker has had a structural partnership with Albert Heyn in the form of 100 salad bars where customers can put together their own favourite Foodmaker meal. “Through these fine partnerships in the Netherlands, we are creating more touchpoints for our customers. Healthy food is a trend and more relevant than ever, especially after the corona crisis. People realise that they had better take care of their bodies and we help them do that,” says Lieven Vanlommel.


Weena-Zuid 146 and Dokter Molewaterplein 40


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