Enno de Kroon

Enno de Kroon presents art on egg cartons

Visual artist Enno de Kroon paints on egg cartons. He exhibits his artworks, named eggcubism, at De Maaskamer from September 10 until October 9.

As a son of an art teacher and sculptor, Enno de Kroon was brought up with visual arts, music, theatre and films. He studied painting and sculpture at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy.

In 2004 he started to paint fictitious portraits on the bumpy surfaces of egg trays. He soon called this new experience of painting and viewing art: Eggcubism. His Eggcubism works integrate the viewer in the process of image making.

Several Eggcubism exhibitions made it clear that Enno’s works are easily acceptable. It  appeals to every individual observer, constantly taking in account subjective limitations and specific individual positions. Interestingly, it was through the open nature of the internet that the clear photos of these quirky works got noticed all over the world.

Intriguing photos of the Eggcubism

In 2006 Enno launched his photos on the Flickr site and immediately they generated large numbers of viewers. The watching experience of the individual spectator before the flatscreen however is hampered by the lack of real live depth and occlusion. The intriguing photos of the Eggcubism works seem to point out these limitations.

His work was noticed by different art collectors and sales took off. In 2007 Enno sold a collection of 38 unique Eggcubism works to the German Peter Klaus Foundation. In 2011 an overview of his work on egg trays was exhibited at Rotterdam Central Library, where over 100,000 visitors got the chance to see his work.

During the lockdown, the artist was able to concentrate perfectly on making a series of reliefs in which the concepts of ‘freedom’ and ‘bondage’ play a major role. He has given this series the title ‘A la recherche du temps perdu’ (after the Proust’s cycle of novels).

Enno de Kroon using mirrors

For the first time, Enno integrated mirrors into his Egg Cubism. The mirror doubles and completes the image surfaces of the painted egg cartons, giving them a sculptural character. In this process, an imaginary space becomes visible, which is changeable according to the place and context where the artwork hangs. The reflection of the
viewer himself, depending on his position in relation to the artwork, may or may not be included in the image. Every minute movement the viewer makes influences what he sees. In this way, the viewer is confronted with his own viewing behavior and its consequences and thus becomes a part of the work of art.

During the opening of his exhibition on September 10 at 5 PM, an
egg-cubist bird, mounted on a mirror, will be presented. The piece is called: The little chatterbox. The handmade little birds all differ slightly from each other. They can be bought for €430 at the show. Or can be ordered by e-mail as long as stocks last: info@ennodekroon.nl

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