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Crowdfunding for unique concept: On Other Drugs has started

Tims aan de Rotte will be transformed into a unique concept. Two experienced entrepreneurs have started a crowdfunding campaign to make their dream come true. On Other Drugs (OOD) will combine food & drinks, sports, flex desks, a shop and relax & recover. 

On Other Drugs was born out of two dreams, years of hard work, knowledge, experience and a good dose of guts. Michelle van Woensel (known for MIES MEDIA and qualified beautician) had a dream of combining hospitality with a form of wellness. Dave Grosjean (rather experienced in Rotterdam hospitality) gets excited about hospitality in combination with sports. Everything is combined in On Other Drugs.

OOD does things differently. Grosjean says: ”We as being entrepreneurs ourselves find it quite difficult to divide our time between enough exercise, socialising, a productive working day and me-time. By combining the five components under one brand and under one roof, we ensure that you get less stress, less travel time, more fulfilment and more fun out of your life.”

On Other Drugs
On Other Drugs

High on Life

OOD responds to the busy and hectic life of the city. That is why you can flexwork daily from early morning to midnight, enjoy healthy food or guilty pleasures and book massages, a HIIT workout or yoga class. A very special element is the shop, where you can buy (almost) everything you see at OOD. From skincare and sports mats to the chairs you sit on and the art on the wall.

On Other Drugs is based on the concept of High On Life. By taking good care of your mind, body and soul one experience more balance and well-being in all areas of life. Van Woensel says: ”We believe that well-being is very individual. For one person, the road to health is all about rest and regularity. While for another it is full of stimuli and new contacts.”


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