Hillegersberg gets its own Buiten Deli & Traiteur

Already a household name at the vibrant Nieuwe-Binnenweg. Buiten is a lunchroom, caterer, delicatessen, and mini supermarket in one. The concept will now branch out to Hillegersberg.

At Freericksplaats the second Buiten will offerย new flavours, products, ingredients and brands. Buiten does this in its own way, but with a touch of nostalgia. Chef Marco Prins is at the helm as he creates delicious meals to go for both locations. But Buiten Hillegersberg also offers coffee, delicacies, wine, snacks and gifts, just like the store at the Nieuwe Binnenweg. A land of plenty for everyone who loves nice food, surprising drinks and special products. According to Buiten’s philosophy, quality, experience and taste make life a little more beautiful.

Marco Prins at Buiten
Marco Prins at Buiten

Next to Buiten Hillegersberg

Buiten is a new venture by entrepreneurs Judith and Reinder Prins. Last year they took over the well-known Buiten on the Nieuwe Binnenweg. They already started Juffrouw van Zanten a few years ago at the Lusthofstraat. They start of their hospitality dream. The branched out to the west with a Juffrouw van Zanten at the 2e Middellandstraat. Later this year, Juffrouw van Zanten will also openย  a coffee bar on the Freericksplaats, the restaurant will follow shortly.

As Juffrouw van Zanten is a hip coffee bar where you can take your kids, the owners did extensive research into the best toys available. Because they made rather large orders they set up a webshop with toys. Soon a physical toyshop followed at Freericksplaats. Next to toys the kids concept store Le Fanfare sells clothing and lifestyle products. A second La Fanfare in now opend in Kralingen. With a small candy shop!


In the meantime, the Freericksplaats has been given a boost. Entrepreneurs at the Freericksplaats have indicated to the municipality that they would like to refurbish the street to make it a more attractive place.

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