best burgers in Rotterdam

Best burgers

They used to be random fast-food snacks, but now restaurants build their whole existence around them. Burgers have become a culinary work of art. And Rotterdam has enough artists to serve you the best.

Words: Gerdien Barnard


Hamburg was one of the first true burger restaurants in town. The beef is Dutch and the iconic sauce homemade. Feeling ‘dirty’ tonight? Go for the Big Filthy burger with pulled pork and chicken nuggets crowning the patty. Roll up your sleeves, don’t mind getting greasy and enjoy this delicious ‘no bullshit’ hotspot.

Witte de Withstraat 94b,


Chef Diego Buik has become a local, national and even worldwide celebrity after creating the most expensive burger ever made (with wagyu, caviar, lobster, truffle and gold leaf). No need to bring 2000 euros to his new restaurant (located under the New Luxor Theatre), though expect even the taste of the most basic burger to be priceless.

Posthumalaan 3,


Roodkapje (little red riding hood), a burger restaurant of artistic platform, has a thing for striking names. Burgers such as Texas Cheese Massacre and O’Love truly do the restaurant’s name justice; ‘Burgertrut’ is Dutch for a boring middle-class housewife. Eating here is both fun and delicious.

Delftseplein 39,

Ter Marsch & Co

Having received several awards for their amazing burgers, you can be sure Ter Marsch & Co will meet your expectations. The Royal Dutch with dry-aged rib-eye and wagyu, and the Burgeresse with angus, wagyu and truffle, are absolute must-tries. Take a seat inside or on the terrace, and experience why this is also a great casual spot for dating.

Witte de Withstraat 70,

Firma Pickles

At this firm, they know all about pickles… and everything else that belongs in a good burger. For example, bison meat, Chimay cheese, pancetta and chipotle mayonnaise. This Bizon’dere Burger is an absolute must-try. At Pickles, burgers should be paired with a glass of wine. Get advice about the best combo, sit back and treat your taste buds to a culinary party.


Ellis Gourmet Burger

Ellis Island was the place that welcomed so many Europeans to American soil, their new homeland. Among them were people who would perfect burgers, making them the best in the world. At Ellis Gourmet Burger, you’ll know exactly what we mean. From their classic burger to the signature and seasonal burgers, the chefs at Ellis are unquestionable experts with a deep love for true American burgers.

Stationsplein 49,

Burger Club

Luckily, everybody’s welcome at this club serving award-winning burgers. Choose from three types of meat (Dutch Meuse-Rhine-IJssel beef, Spanish Ibérico pork or American wagyu beef) and pick your favourite combo. Must-tries include the Burger Club Special with Ibérico ham, brie and artichokes and the Hot Ass with aubergine, goat’s cheese and jalapeños. Finish it off with a G&T, because after all, you’re in a club.

Nieuwe Binnenweg 139a,


The Burgerij (middle class) makes ‘burgers voor burgers’ (burgers for the bourgeoisie). You name it, they have it. Fourteen different types of burgers, to be precise. Go for the Double Decker when you really need to recover from the day (or night) and for the Habibi (lamb, feta, hummus) when you’re in an Arabic kind of mood. The bourgeoisie serves you well at any time.

Botersloot 26a,


This fascinating fifties-style diner has plenty on the menu (and a wonderful interior), but the burgers are probably the reason you’ll keep coming back. First, decide how much black angus from the charcoal grill you can handle: Miss Gracy’s (150 gr), Mister Gracy’s (200 gr) or Amazing Gracy’s (2x 150 gr). Then, add a colourful milkshake on the side, and your all-American meal is complete.

Mauritsstraat 1a,

Who this Freddy

If you’re into hip-hop, buttermilk chicken burgers and crazy combos you won’t find anywhere else, Who this Freddy is a place you’ll definitely want to check out. Their Hot Cheetos Burger had the whole city talking, the Monster Burger (with macaroni!) is one of a kind, the Curry Burger with rendang is amazing and the Kimchi Burger pleases even the most critical Korean (fan). Who knew buttermilk could taste so good!

Vierambachtsstraat 145b,

Fantastic vegan

No meat, but still amazing burgers to die for (figuratively speaking). Vegans will feel at home and want to try every single thing on the menu at Flower Burger (Hoogstraat 107a), serving the most colourful buns and patties. Also, the burgers at Jack Bean (Weena 702) and Backyard (Korte Hoogstraat 14) are full of veggies and juicy like a good burger should be. Newest hotspot in town: Vegan Junk Food Bar (Schiedamse Vest 144) with mouth-watering burgers and other street food.

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