Children of Happyland is part of Art of Performing

Art of Performing at Theater Rotterdam

The latest developments in contemporary dance and performance art can be seen at Theater Rotterdam from September 21st to October 3. As most performances use no spoken language the program is very suitable for expats and even tourists.

During Art of Performing Theater Rotterdam presents cutting edge performances and experiences that will turn your assumptions about theatre and dance upside-down. At the onset of this theatre season artists and choreographers from the Netherlands, Spain, Vietnam, Norway and the United States will show their radical, innovative and adventurous work.

Rotterdam Art of Performing

There are a couple of performances from local creatives like Alida Dors. Dance, Thaiboxing and film projection come together in Or Die Trying by the choreographer and sociologist. A performance for dreamers and fighters. The show wants to make the exhaustion that life is tangible. Or Die Trying is a search for finding your own way in the tension of ambition, expectations, self-discipline and self-destruction.

With A Revue Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe imagines how, 2000 years from now, the inhabitants of earth recollect and perform classical repertoire.

In Casablanca, Choreographer Ed Wubbe uses the world famous movie as a starting point to tell a story about passion, freedom and longing for a better world. With a variety of dance styles, circus and music. He forges several disciplines into a dazzling new whole. He creates a imaginative, theatrical world with dance in different styles, circus elements, acrobatics and music on a rotating stage. The base of the music is the movie’s soundtrack, with its unique score and jazz songs from the 1940s.

In DO NOT LOOK BACK WITH REGRET, director Davy Pieters invites you to consider  mortality and the vulnerability of a body. Davy has previously made the productions The Unpleasant Surprise and How to Build a Universe at Theater Rotterdam. Her work is characterised by an extremely visual, physical and filmic style. Her productions are about people in a world that is fast changing because of technological development and the media.

Children of Happyland

Children of Happyland is Zarah Bracht’s third performance at Productiehuis Theater. She feels connected to contemporary political and social themes, but never approaches them in a journalistic or documentary way. Instead, she examines the sentiments and urges that lie dormant underneath the public debate, and translates them into magically realistic worlds.

Children of Happyland is an allegorical world, somewhere between a fairy tale and a nightmare. Zarah Bracht exposes the nerves of our time: the interaction between fragile elderly and angry loudmouths, insecure teens and aggressive salespeople, conspiracy theories and nuanced thought, ecosystems gasping for breath and harsh economic measures. Visually and physically, the performers show blind spots and tunnel visions, vulnerability and defense mechanisms, demonstrations and gated communities, fear and courage.

More info and tickets: here

Coverphoto: Nick Helderman

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