30ML Alexandrium

30ML is now also present at Alexandrium

30ml Coffee Roasters has grown into a true franchise chain with its own coffee roasting facility and several coffee bars. There are already two branches in Rotterdam. In the South (Annie MG Schmidtplein) and in the center (Nieuwe Binnenweg 105), now there also is a coffee bar at Alexandrium.

30ML is located at Watermanweg 321A and must feel like a second living room to chill with family and friends. On the menu are high-quality specialty coffees or teas are served. At 30ML they roast their own coffee beans so they have full control over the production and taste. Next to the drinks there is a pure range for the sweet and savory appetite. Visitors can order breakfast (to go) or a quick or slow lunch to enjoy inside or at the lovely terrace.

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