155 takes control with Maas Theater and Dance

155 maas-theater-en-dans_-neeltje-de-vries

155 is a breakdance collective of friends who grew up together. They have made several awarded shows together but now, they’re all in their thirties. Faced with the choice: trying to get hold of life or remain free? Their new show: Controle is a collaboration with Maas Theater and Dance in Rotterdam. It’s a medley […]

BullyBully is a musical about childish grown-up men

BullyBully by Kamerich Budwilowitz

At the moment you can imagine some presidents screaming furiously until they get what they want. A lot of politicians behave like toddlers, so Maas Theater and Dance has made BullyBully, a musical about the similarities between toddlers and certain world leaders. If you look at a speeching toddler and an adult in a suit […]