These Rotterdam-based companies have been awarded

Walhalla companies

During a spectacular award show in the monumental Citrusveiling, the winners of the 37th Rotterdamse Ondernemersprijs were announced. The award for companies and entrepreneurship in the region of Rotterdam originated with the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce and the City of Rotterdam. They set up a platform to stimulate entrepreneurship in the city.  Van Gelder Ridderkerk […]

Upstream brings entrepreneurs, talent and investors together

Upstream Festival_Rotterdam Bart Heemskerk

Upstream is a multi-day festival in Rotterdam, where scale-up founders, investors, students, policymakers, and corporates with guts come together to talk about the big changes in the world.  From May 31 to June 2 Upstream takes place in Rotterdam once again. This time the center of the festival is Bird.  This year Upstream focuses on […]