inJazz showcases the future of Dutch jazz

marta-arpini injazz 2020-foto-eric-van-nieuwland-203546

Showcase event inJazz descends on several stages around the Deliplein on Thursday, June 23. In Theater Walhalla, Kantine Walhalla and two studio’s of Conny Janssen Danst there will be free performances. InJazz has been promoting Dutch jazz and its composers on both a national and international level for many years. As an initiative of copyright […]

Night of the Cape

Night of the Cape  Nacht van de Kaap (Night of the Cape) promises an evening of chansons and tall tales held, as the name suggests, on the Kaap (Cape) of Rotterdam, at Katendrecht. Picture the peninsula as it used to be, when it was still a red-light district and the haunt of sailors, with a […]