Een kunstcentrum is the newest art center in Charlois

Een kunstcentrum Charlois

The former town hall of Charlois now houses Een kunstcentrum. An initiative by local residents of the historic neighborhood. Aimed at strengthening art and culture in this Southern part of town. The art center is a place where the versatile culture of Rotterdam-South is made visible in the form of monthly activities organised by voluntary […]

6 Days of Cycling Champions

Wooning Zesdaagse (professional cycling) One of the first major sporting events of the year is the Wooning Zesdaagse of Rotterdam. The best cyclists in the world come together at Ahoy Rotterdam for six days of fierce cycling! Ticket prices are starting at €31 and can be bought on the website. > 3-8 January, Ahoy Rotterdam […]

Afro Funk Phenomenon

Jungle By Night These nine Amsterdam-based musicians have toured all over the world, surprising audiences with their vibrant, very danceable shows. Their style is best described as a combination of afro-beats, ethio-breaks, Turkish psych and hot cumbia. Tickets for this concert are €19 and can be bought through Rotown’s website. > 29 November, Maassilo (Charlois) […]

Arty Oasis

Explore: Charlois There’s a special little village in Rotterdam-Zuid called Charlois, or Sharloys as the locals pronounce it with their rolling Rotterdam accent. In recent years it has become a haven for artists and is a nice place to take a stroll. [dt_gap height=”10″ /] Words: Evelien Baks [dt_gap height=”10″ /] It’s impossible to miss […]

UFO Restaurant

It’s not for nothing that Rotterdam is called Manhattan on the Maas. Tall buildings dot the skyline of this city. This tower may not be the highest, but it’s certainly unique. It boasts the only revolving restaurant in town and, at 42-metres altitude, you’ll experience an amazing meal with a spectacular view over the city. […]