Studio Makkink & Bey restores a historic pavilion in the Park

TBC pavilion 1958, Stadsarchief Rotterdam

Hidden on the edge of the Park, near the Euromast, is a TB recovery center. It opened in 1937, by the design of architect C.J. Hemmes and initiator The Red Cross. Stichting Droom en Daad now saves it from demolition. They commissioned Studio Makkink & Bey to turn the former convalescent home into a public […]

Batavierhuis celebrates anniversary with 2 TO 2 FEST


The Batavierhuis is a breeding ground for enterprising artists. On April 2 and 3 the independent makerspace will be the site of the two-day mini-festival 2 TO 2 FEST. Several artists from Rotterdam celebrate the second anniversary of Batavierhuis for almost 24 hours. The Batavierhuis in Delfshaven is an initiative of the Droom en Daad […]