Chicken, waffles and pancakes. Now, how can anyone not like that? At this recently-opened restaurant, you can gorge on this delicious soul food until your heart’s content. Nomo is short for northern mood and is located at Noordplein in Rotterdam North. The owner, Jerrel Landvreugd, is always smiling – he is the core of the place, and it is such a joy to see him have so much fun in the kitchen. Not only does he like to prepare comfort food, he will also make you a healthy smoothie if you wish! The meal we like the most on the menu is the chicken and waffles – yes, fried chicken on a waffle. It is sweet and salty all at the same time – so good! Nomo is a part of Kookpunt, the store where you can find everything for your kitchen.

Noordplein 57

Open 11am-9pm Tuesdays – Sundays

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