Tall Stories at the Nederlands Fotomuseum

The Nederlands Fotomuseum would not be possible without amateur photographer Hein Wertheimer’s 22 million guilder donation. (The Dutch guilder was used in the Netherlands prior to the euro.) Prudent Wertheimer saved his guilders wisely and put the resulting tidy fortune to good use by donating it all to the establishment of the Nederlands Fotomuseum.
From 16 November until 9 February, the museum presents “Tall Stories”, a compilation of photo series exposing various topical, societal or daily themes. But don’t let the title of this exhibition fool you: the stories depicted are not tall at all. The 21 photo series tell intimate and real narratives about the world we live in. The “Tall Stories” exhibition shapes photography from the Nederlands Fotomuseum’s rich collection into visual stories about migration, power, wealth and football. Read more about the featured artists at https://www.nederlandsfotomuseum.nl.

→Nederlands Fotomuseum, Las Palmas Building, Wilhelminakade 332. Open Tue-Sun 10 AM – 5 PM

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