Rotterdam Street Culture Week is packed with movements

INSA - photo by MJay Photography Rotterdam Street Culture Week

Rotterdam is without a doubt the street culture city of the Netherlands. During the fifth edition of Rotterdam Street Culture Week, various organizations fill the city with street art, hip-hop, and street sports. All Caps will be the most prominent fixture as it’s entirely devoted to graffiti. Feijenoord in the south side of Rotterdam will […]

Legendary rapper Rakim celebrates 20 years of HipHopHuis


HipHopHuis is the breeding ground for a creative young community, involved in hip-hop, dance, poetry and street art. Local breakdancers opened the initiative on September 9, 2002. The twentieth anniversary will be celebrated with The God MC Rakim among others. Rakim was a central artist in the emergence of hip hop. Widely heralded as one […]

With a huge artwork KWF Dutch Cancer Society makes a statement for life

kwf judith de leeuw by Wessel de Groot

Street artist Judith de Leeuw is working on a huge work of art on the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam. It symbolizes people living with the consequences of cancer. The mural will be unveiled during a live broadcast on national television on May 30, 21.25 PM at NPO1. It’s an initiative of the KWF Dutch […]

POW! WOW! Rotterdam will be known as ALL CAPS

All Caps MOTS - photo by Martine Kiers

POW! WOW! Rotterdam has changed its name in ALL CAPS. With the tagline: Capital Art, the festival will transform Feijenoord into (street) art heaven from the 4th till the 11th of September 2022. At the end of last year, the organization behind POW! WOW! Rotterdam announced that it was separating from the international POW! WOW! […]