Circusstad Festival also introduces a gala

Jesse Huygh at Circusstad festival

With the introduction of a unique Circusstad Gala and a performance from Jesse Huygh, a circus performer suffering from genetic lung disease, with a debate afterward. Circusstad Festival 2022 bears the signature of new artistic director Menno van Dyke. From May 4 Circusstad Festival is back with a five-day event around Schouwburgplein in de Doelen […]

Top Choreography from Rotterdam

Pas de deux | Scapino Ballet Rotterdam Two worlds come together in dance concert Pas de deux. On one side, the world of Michiel Borstlap is crystal clear in its simplicity. Yet on the other, the world of Ed Wubbe is expressive, dynamic and sometimes disruptive. At one moment the performance is light-footed and serene, […]

Pas de Deux

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and pianist Michiel Borstlap present dance concert Pas de Deux After a successful tour in 2016 and a nomination for the VSCD dance prize, Pas de Deux will re-enter the theaters from 8 February. Pas de Deux is a pure dance and music experience, a dance concert in which two worlds come […]

Film Festival for Architecture Lovers

Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) This year, the film festival celebrate its 10th edition! An extensive programme that combines film screenings on city planning and architecture. There will also be debates and interesting talks about urban development and city making. It’s a favourite with architects, city lovers, film enthusiasts and students from all over the […]