Unique images from the Feyenoord history are auctioned off

A picture of Eddy Treijtel is also part of the Feyenoord Auction

The highest Feyenoord exhibition ever has come to an end. Now the unique signed pictures are auctioned off for the Dirk Kuyt Foundation. On 8 September 2021 Jens Toornstra, captain of Feyenoord and ambassador of the Dirk Kuyt Foundation, opened the Feyenoord exhibition at the Euromast. This exhibition was the highest outdoor Feyenoord exhibition ever […]

Walk in the shoes of Robin van Persie

Robin van Persie Florsi van Bommel ByVP

Robin van Persie is a true football legend. The Rotterdam native is one of the best strikers of his generation, scoring goals for Arsenal, Manchester United, Fenerbahçe and of course Feyenoord. He ended his impressive career two years ago. He now found time to team up with shoemaker Floris van Bommel to design a collection. […]

Feyenoord on top

Feyenoord Euromast

Jens Toornstra is the proud captain of Feyenoord. He has opened a unique Feyenoord-exhibition on Rotterdam’s famous landmark the Euromast. 20 unique images from the club’s history  are exhibited at a height of 100 meters until the end of this year.  The exposition of celebrates the historic franchise and pays homage to generations of Feyenoord’s […]